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Holiday Cottage, Purchase Price R1,350,000

  • Our client had funds of R400,000+ after the sale of his home
  • He required loan of R950,000
  • There was additional outside income
  • There was a need for extra capital repayments without penalty
  • This was the clients first business

We Achieved

  • Client receieved a loan of R950,000
  • Interest only available for the first year
  • Interest rate of 5%

Business Loan, Wine Bar Purchase Price R500,000

  • Our client had funds of R290,000
  • The client had no security to offer but required R210,000 business loan.
  • He was an experienced licenced trade operator

We Achieved

  • A loan amount of R210,000 was approved to client
  • Security by way of the Small Firms Loan Gaurantee Scheme
  • Interest rate of 5%

Holiday Cottage, Purchase Price R1,200,000

  • Our client required 100% funding as he had not sold his house
  • This was his first business
  • There was additional outside income

We Achieved

  • Full loan of R1,200,000 was approved to client.
  • A Commercial Mortgage of R1,025,000
  • Bridging Finance on his home of R175,000
  • Both loans were issued at 5% interest
  • Interest only payments were available for the first year

Guest House Purchase Price R2,020,000

  • Our client approached us to arrange loan for the purchase of the guest house at R2,020,000
  • A cash deposit of R700,000 was available, the client required loan of R1,320,000
  • Accounts showed an average profit of around R180,000 over the past 5 yrs.
  • This was the clients first venture into the guest house trade.

We Achieved

  • Loan amount of R1,320,000 was approved to client
  • Loan Term 10 years
  • First 12 months interest only paid quarterly in arrears, improving cashflow.
  • Interest Rate 5%

Filling Station, Purchase Price R2,500,000

  • Our client had been let down by another loan company who was unable to provide her loan.
  • A cash deposit of R1,000,000 was available
  • Accounts showed net profits of around R205,000
  • This was the clients first venture in petrol retailing

We Achieved

  • Loan of R1,350,000 approved to client plus R85,000 top up loan
  • Loan Term 25 years
  • First 12 months interest only paid quarterly in arrears, improving cashflow
  • Interest Rate 5%
  • Credit card facility for R7,500

Public House, Purchase Price R920,000

  • Our client had R100,000 cash and thought they could only buy a leasehold pub
  • They were experienced Publicans
  • Accounts showed net profits of around R55,000

We Achieved

  • Loan approval of R820,000 this included corporate guarantee.
  • Loan Term 20 years
  • First 12 months interest only
  • Interest Rate 5%

Personal Loan, Car Purchase Price R465,000

  • Our client had R180,000 cash.
  • Client require 285,000
  • Client has been blacklisted.
  • Accounts showed net income of around R40,000

We Achieved

  • Loan payment of R425,000
  • Loan Term 5 years
  • First 12 months interest only
  • Interest Rate 5%

House, Purchase Price R895,000

  • Client wished to purchase a house at R895,000 with no cash available
  • previous house was valued at R400,000
  • This was the clients first business with us.

We Achieved

  • Loan payment of R900,000
  • Loan Term 12 years
  • First 12 months interest only
  • Interest Rate 5%
  • No penalties for paying back capital after house sale

Car, Purchase Price R260,000

  • Client had R790,000 cash and wants to purchase a car of R1,050,000
  • Client required a loan for R260,000
  • Good credit record

We Achieved

  • Loan Payment of R260,000
  • Loan Term 1 year
  • First 12 months interest only
  • Interest Rate 5%

Business Loan , Loan Amount R1,550,000

  • Client needs loan of R1,400,000 for business expansion
  • Additional security of R150,000 made available
  • Business has been very active for over 6 years
  • Accounts showed profits around R105,000

We Achieved

  • Loan of 1,550,000 was approved.
  • Loan Term 8 years
  • First 12 months interest only
  • Interest Rate 5%

Business Loan, Loan Amount of R850,000

  • Client had been operating business for 10 years
  • They had been totally funded by other loan company and could not find any lender to support them due to lack of security
  • They required R650,000 to pay off other loan
  • They needed a further R200,000 facility to expand the business

We Achieved

  • Loan amount of R850,000 was received by client.
  • This immediately allowed the client to negotiate new terms with the brewery.
  • This shows the importance of using a good loan company.

Large Pub,  Purchase Price R1,095,000

  • Client had never operated a pub before
  • They had R250,000 to cover rent and ingoing costs
  • Required loan amount of R1,095,000 for full funding

We Achieved

  • Loan amount of R1,095,000 was given to client.
  • Interest rate 5%
  • Loan Term 10 years
  • Interest only for 12 months

Business Loan, Loan Amount R285,000

  • Client had operated business for 6 years
  • They needed cash for expansion.
  • Required loan of R285,000

We Achieved

  • Full loan of R285,000 was approved to client
  • Interest rate 5%
  • Interest only for 12 months
  • Loan Term 6 Months
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